Monday, December 22, 2014

2015 Roadmap - What's next?

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2015 Roadmap - What's Next?

Hi guys/gals with 2015 right around the corner I wanted to talk about our goals for 2015. I really think 2015 is going to be an amazing year for us. I'm really excited about our journey together. So I will talk about what I have in mind for PTD2 and Champions TD and even other projects beyond that.

What's Next for PTD2? (and PTD1)

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 story is done but there is still some content I want to add. Along with the Hoen Invasion you can expect an invasion day for each generation (including the first generation) along with a day that the map will have the normal Gen 2 pokemon that are supposed to be there. The Gym Challenges will still be coming out also. Something I've been wanting to add also is a map and the ability to fly to different locations for quick travel. The Iphone/Ipad version of PTD2 is also something I want to get done. Lastly I want to make an offline version of both ptd1 and ptd2. So if for any reason our servers can't survive any longer the game will still be available for all to play. (PTD2 having all generation is also good if trading is not available.) 

As far as making a PTD3, I've really wanted to make an original game for years now but unfortunately things have never worked out due to a lot of reasons. Now with Champions TD I'm finally making that step. Perhaps in the future there might be a chance to do another pokemon game but Champions TD will definitely come first.

What's Next for Champions TD?

Champions TD just come out! Play it by clicking here if you haven't played it yet and let me know what you think. In the coming year we will be adding many new levels, new loot, new bosses, new units to recruit, just new new new. I'm very excited about this game and I hope you will like it as much or even more than I do! Since this game is more unique we might have biweekly and some weekly updates to it. I also want to put it on steam, apple and android app stores. I just want as many people to enjoy it.

My thoughts right now is that the game will be free. There will be somethings you can buy but you will never have to pay to win. I want to get the auction house started soon but with so few items there isn't much of a reason yet. The next level will bring in more items and weapons so after a few more items an auction house will make sense.

I'll mainly be focusing on Champions but I haven't forgotten about Cosmoids. Originally I wanted to make Cosmoids TD right away but in Game Development things change very rapidly and you have to be able to adjust. My goal is to make a Cosmoids game in the next few years. I might not be a Tower Defense game but I promise you it will be great. Again Champions is my focus so I might not talk much about cosmoids. I do think it will be cool to see some cosmoids in Champions TD. So I might add some of them for fun into the game.

Weekly Progress

PTD2 v1.78.3 Mystery Gift Druddigon and Hall of Fame Reward Virizion Released!
  • Fixed Stats on Durant and Shaymin
  • Drastically incrased the levels of pokemon of the Hoen Invasion on Icy Path and Route 45
Champions TD next update - New Level - Meet the Hunter - Released!

PTD2 v1.78.2 Mystery Gift Durant and Hall of Fame Reward Terrakion Released!

PTD2 v1.78.1 Mystery Gift Maractus and Hall of Fame Reward Cobalion Released!

I'm very blessed to have all of you enjoying my games, let me know what you think! Sam out.