Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Shadow Pokemon has appeared! Trainer Pass! My focus! Talent!

Want to get the Shiny Starters? Shiny Zorua? Shiny legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

Welcome to the Sam and Dan Games Developer Blog!

A Shadow Pokemon has appeared!
I'm making a big change for PTD2, shadow pokemon can show up just like shiny pokemon in the game, allowing you to complete your collection if you haven't had great luck with breeding.

Membership has evolved into.... Trainer Pass! Get it today!
A while back I talking about having a membership plan that you guys and gals could subscribe to and get some great member's only features. The plan at the time was to make it a low monthly fee but have changed my mind since then. It will be a one time fee and you will have the features activated forever!

So let's talk about what you get:
  • Increased chance for Shiny/Shadow pokemon to appear in the wild
  • No ads while you play the game
  • Get a copy of shiny giveaway pokemon automatically every week
  • Faster Breeding - Breed with only one visit instead of 2, essentially breed something everyday!
  • Faster Leveling - Get twice the experience on every battle!
  • Weekly Giveaways for pass holders only
You get all of this for only $1.99! One time payment!

Gym Challenge Battles
On twitter I've been talking about Gym Challenge Battles, these will be similar to Challenge Mode in PTD1, my thoughts now is that you don't get to bring your own pokemon. I will give you a list of pokemon and items to choose from for each battle and you will have to figure out what is the best combination.

PTD2 on Mobile
Also on Twitter I showed the first screenshots of PTD2 on my phone. I want to bring PTD2 for your phones and tablets (you will have to install them directly since PTD is not allowed on app stores). I must also warn that PTD2 was not designed for mobile so it might run slow or it might break on certain places. The files will be completely free so there won't be any risk on your side.

Champions TD Level 1
Champions is changing a lot, I'm doing away with mercenary units in favor of having your whole army consist of units that you have recruited to your guild. I've also changed the menus quite a bit and started the story part and character selection parts.

I've also decided to add choices to the game, I posted some screenshots on twitter showing what kinds of decisions you have to make. The choices you make will make your character either side with light or dark which is a way of saying evil and good. Your choices will also determine how the story turns out and which companions will join you on your journey. Once you make a choice and save the game that choice will be set in stone for that profile so be very sure of what you pick. (Not happening anymore, you will have choices but they won't determine the story.)

We are always on the lookout for amazing talent. If you have skills in 2D art, 3D art, Programming in Action Script, or Unity 3D, or any other special skill you think we need let us know! We aren't actively looking for anybody at the moment but we are always open for people that will work great with us.  If you are interested send us a portfolio with your work or a resume with your experience and also a brief paragraph with why you want to work with us to

Weekly Progress
PTD2 v1.78 - Hoen Invasion - Released!
  • After you beat the game on certain days the map will be filled with all the Pokemon from the Hoen region! Including Starters! (Legendary pokemon are only available through the Hall of Fame)
  • A lot of the harder fights in the game have been made easier by reducing enemy run speed, health and in some cases attacks where changed.
Champions TD Alpha v0.01 - What's still missing? Released!
  • Choosing a name for your main character (100%)
  • Chapter Select Screen (100%)
  • Level Select screen (100%)
  • Choices that you already made will be automatically chosen for you if you replay the same cutscene (100%)
  • Profile Page (100%)
  • Delete Profile Button (100%)
  • Saving your information locally (100%)
  • Save Button (100%) - after the level and on the profile page
  • Multiple Popup Support (100%)
  • Cutscene Skip Button (100%) - Shows up only after you have beaten a level.
  • Fix bug that wasn't letting units have more than one spell attack (100%)
  • Unit info screen (100%)
    • Abilities section (100%)
    • Specialization section (100%)
    • Equipment/Stat section (100%)
  • Item stats (100%)
  • Loot dropping (100%)
    • Loot notification popup (100%)
  • Fix Tent Menu Unit Dragging for Mobile (100%) - Drag Icon is loaded in the wrong location.
  • Make Range Weapons a different thing from melee weapons (100%) - Auto attacks should not be done with range weapons.
  • Bags screen (100%)
    • Add Categories for items (100%)
    • Add Pages (100%)
  • Recruiting enemies to your guild (100%) - This is like capturing pokemon in PTD.. but different...
    • Finish Recruiting Menu (100%)
      • Adding Required items as icons instead of text (100%) 
      • Correctly checking and using your items when recruiting (100%)
    • Enemy Appeared Popup (100%)
  • Unit abilities (100%)
    • Added Rage Bar for Warriors (100%)
    • Add Combo Points for Rogues (100%)
    • Other Attacks (100%)
      • Buffs attacks (100%)
      • Old Glory (100%)
    • Attack Graphics (100%)
  • Leveling up (100%)
    • Animation (100%)
    • Code (100%)
  • Level UI (100%)
    • Recruiting Icon (100%)
    • Loot Chest Icon (100%)
    • Money Text (100%)
    • Level life text (100%)
      • Being able to lose (100%)
      • Losing Screen (100%)
    • Wave text (100%)
    • Menu (100%)
      • Exit level (100%)
  • Item changes (100%)
    • Add stats to all the items (100%)
    • Add sell price to items and let you sell items (100%)
  • Unit selection menu (100%)
    • Add Tent Flag to Unit Profile Blocks (100%) - So you can tell which units are in play and in which tent
    • Be able to remove a unit from a tent (100%)
    • Bug Fix (100%) Removing a unit while it's fighting
  • Limit which items each unit can equip based on the unit's class (100%) -
    • Ex. Priest can only wear cloth. Rogues can't use 2 handed swords. Etc.
  • Level 1 (100%)
    • Base stat for units (100%)
    • Waves Revision (100%) - Make it more exciting/challenging
    • Add Talking Animations to the cutscenes (100%)
    • Story Change (100%)
    • Correct Item Drops (100%)
    • Correct Exp being given out by enemies (100%)
    • Be able to range attack in melee range (100%)
      • Ex. Mages can fireball in melee range, hunters can bow attack in melee range
  • Misc (100%)
    • Stacking Items correctly (100%)
    • Not being able to equip certain items (100%)
  • Level ending screen (100%)
    • Level rating at the end (100%) - 3 Star rating
  • Finish game tutorial (100%)
    • Using Recruiting and others
  • Mode menu improvements (100%)
    • Level beat or not beat (100%)
Older Updates

PTD2 v1.77.1 Mystery Gift Solrock and Hall of Fame Reward Azelf and new TM Dazzling Gleam Released!

PTD2 1.77 BIRTHDAY MYSTERY GIFT Primal Kyogre and Groudon and Lunatone and Hall of Fame Reward Mesprit Released!

PTD2 1.76.1 Bug Fix, Mystery Gift Cacnea and Hall of Fame Reward Uxie Released!

PTD2 1.76 Gym Challenge vs Erika - Team Magma Attack! Released!

PTD2 1.75.2 Mystery Gift Spoink and Hall of Fame Reward Reshiram Released!

PTD2 1.75.1 Mystery Gift Gulpin and Hall of Fame Reward Zekrom Released!

PTD2 1.75 Gym Challenge vs Lt. Surge Released Now!

PTD2 1.74.2 Mystery Gift Volbeat, HoF Reward Giratina Released!

PTD2 1.74 Gym Challenge vs Misty Released!

PTD2 1.73 Mystery Gift Seedot, HoF Reward Zygarde and Trainer Pass additions Released!

PTD2 1.72.2 Trainer Pass - Released! Get it today!

PTD2 1.72.1 Mystery Gift, and HoF Rewards - Released!

PTD2 1.72 Gym Challenge Mode vs Brock - Released!

PTD2 1.71.1 Mystery Gift and HoF Rewards - Barboach and Genesect - Released! 

PTD2 1.71 Mobile Version! - Released! Please note this game wasn't built for mobile so the performance might not be up to par.

PTD2 1.70.7 Mystery Gift Skitty, Shadow Pokemon in the wild and more HoF Rewards Cresselia- Released!
Thank you so much for all your support, the reality is that I can't do this without your support! Thank you! As always let me know what you think! Sam out!